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Emerging Market Portfolio

In recent years, emerging markets have regained their rightful place with investors as part of the strategic asset allocation of their portfolios. Investors with a higher risk appetite have increased their exposure to emerging market equity funds, while more cautious investors have opted for emerging market debt funds.

Yet, there are growing numbers of investors that require a more all-inclusive emerging markets proposition, for example, equity investors that would prefer a more cautious approach within the emerging markets universe, or debt investors wishing to spice up their emerging markets asset allocation with a hint of equity holdings.

BTC Trading Inc caters to the needs of both types of investors.

The uniqueness of this Fund lies in its differentiated approach. Not only does it provide exposure to emerging markets through a diversified allocation across equities, bonds and currencies, but it also places a particular emphasis on active risk management.

For this next chapter, we focus on how BTC Trading Inc manages risks in the emerging universe, and the results of this approach.

Addressing risks in Emerging Markets

The growth potential of emerging markets is attractive.

Many investors have been reluctant to invest in this universe because the associated economic, political and financial risks are too high.

We beg to differ.

We see emerging markets as offering fruitful rewards, as long as the risks are understood, acknowledged and appropriately managed.

Risk should be viewed as a natural part of what we do.

The ability to manage market risks effectively has been a cornerstone of our investment style for several years.

Actively managing our emerging market portfolios, we diversify across asset classes and geographic areas, evaluating market volatility, understanding duration exposures and implementing hedging strategies when necessary in our attempts to mitigate real risks in investing in emerging markets.


1. Choose the service you require.

2. Complete the account opening application form.

3. Post or hand deliver the original application together with the required FICA documentation.

Our investment team is readily available to assist you with the process or with any queries.

Dematerialization of Physical Share Certificates

• Send BTC Trading Inc the physical share certificate together with BTC’s account opening documentation and the required FICA documents
• Once the account has been opened, the shares will be registered into your account, and a monthly statement confirming the holding will be sent to you the account holder.
• In order to facilitate this transaction, you will be required to open a stock brokering account with BTC Trading Inc.
• Dematerialization (securities) – moving from handling paper securities certificates to book form, usually electronic.