Ideal Solutions

Trading is easy and simple … you only buy or sell. Markets only move two ways ..they go up or down. Going against them is the only time you lose money . We confer with our clients regarding risks associated with trading!

BTC Trading Inc can help you design a personal portfolio which suits your income strategies. and needs. Our hard won knowledge of the stock markets, combined with the challenges experienced through all good and bad market times, uniquely positions us to help identify trends, industry sectors and stocks in our ongoing quest to keep our clients money safe, whilst boosting their investments.

Private Clients

Personalised equity investment strategies

Our key focus is the provision of a full and comprehensive investment service.
We pride ourselves in creating personalised equity investment strategies that meet the objectives of our clients.

A managed share portfolio which provides the client with an attractive and convenient solution, whereby all the investment decisions are taken by our investment team.
Our aim is to strengthen the performance of our client portfolios according to their investment objectives.

We have a consistent, comprehensive investment approach.
We carefully ensure that portfolios are diversified among sectors and companies.

Corporate Clients

Client focused solutions

BTC Trading Inc has an excellent track record having provided a comprehensive level of stockbroking services to some of the bigger listed corporates for years.
We manage the share schemes of various listed corporate clients.
We facilitate and provide assistance to corporate clients.
Our aim is to ensure we provide consistent client focused solutions.
Our experienced team of professionals build and maintain relationships through extensive client contact and communication with institutional investors.