We produce independent research and execute trades for institutions in the securities unit.
BTC Trading Inc is able to offer extensive research & investment insights to our clients.
Our Personal Wealth team consists of over 20 market experts – and our independent in-house research ensures that we make smart investment decisions for you.

Professional Research

Bespoke research driven by clients’ needs.

Political and regulatory analysis.

We keep our clients informed on developments in international financial markets through various research products which focus on general market developments as well as individual listed shares.

Our research product offering to our private clients include:
Keeping clients abreast of developments in international markets with specific reference to developments on the broad market and individual share performance.
Ranking listed shares in various market segments (particularly Mid- to Small Cap segments) according to earnings criteria to highlight potential share price value.

Ad Hoc Trade Ideas : alerting clients to potential opportunities in individual listed shares.

For any research related enquiries, please email us at

Learning Zone

Our Learning Zone demystifies share trading and investment for inexperienced investors. We provide resources that explain investment jargon and concepts in plain language.

Addressing risks

The ability to manage market risks effectively has been a cornerstone of our investment style for several years. We do not see risk as a source of anxiety but as a natural part of what we do. Correctly evaluating and understanding volatility and market pressure gives us the opportunity to deliver the best possible returns while mitigating the risks inherent with investing.

We do this by actively managing our portfolios’ equity and modified duration exposures, controlling volatility, diversifying across asset classes and geographic areas, and implementing hedging strategies when necessary.

Bottom line : Trading can result in losses. The value of your investments can go down as well as up. Please ensure you understand the risks.